The following links are to educationally sound sites that have been thoroughly inspected. However since Lewis Cass Schools cannot control browser settings nor Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that are used at home, the corporation takes no responsibility for other web sites that your child may encounter or choose to visit while surfing the Web. Please also be advised that Lewis Cass Schools do not host the sites listed and have no control over potential changes in content on these pages. 
It is highly recommended that children should always be well supervised while using the Internet and some form of parental control or content filtering software be installed on your home computer.
Click on the name of each website and the link will take you there:
Reading Street — Our reading program in grades 1-6.
Starfall — PreK-1st grade — Great Website
ABC Match — Kindergarten & Beginning 1st grade
Clifford — stories and games
Clifford — another Clifford website
Sheppard Software  — Games in many subject areas
Gamequarium:  Games for PreK-6th grade, Parents information, Reference resources, Technology tutorials
The following have many links for information and games in all subjects:
Math Websites:
Saxon website — Math facts-Students can time themselves and try to beat their time. 
Kidsites — many math links